Magic Spells

Magic Spells are like fervent Prayers
Each Spell carries Your intention and power
Patience and skill do not rush, the Cosmos eternally waits
The Magic of those who practice the Craft well

The Wise use Magic Spells with great care
The Fool casts Spells about, carelessly everywhere
So cast your Spells with care, and among the Wise you will be
Growing in True Magic . . . So mote it be

Spells work best when you are comfortable and familiar with your Magic Wand. A Wand is a very personal metaphysical tool. It is not the price, but the quality and content that determines the value of a Magic Wand. You, as the Wand User will have to decide which Wand best speaks to You.

Casting Spells is something that must be approached with great care, because you are powerful beyond your wildest imagination. Spells should never seek to control others, or do harm to another. Spells must never be cast in anger, if they are, the person casting the Spell will only reap sorrow.

Before attempting to cast any Spell, a witch or wizard needs to take a bit of time to connect with the Earth, the Stars, and the creatures with whom they share the planet. True magic does not come instantly, but for those who are patient and take the time to learn responsible Spell-casting, their powers grow strong and true.  It takes time, patirence and practice to master the craft.

Many Webpages and Wand sellers will give you the illusion that you can be a witch or wizard of great power instantly, you can not. We sell Real Magic Wands and promote the growth of Real Magic Powers in those who come here. Magic, real magic, takes time, practice and study. Our Wands will channel Your power and magic, amplifying them, and focusing your gifts. The Wands will not "give you power", they are tools, sacred tools, but without your magic, they will do little. Used to enhance your own Magic, these Wands will be incredibly useful and powerful metaphysical tools. Their quality guarantees they will last a lifetime, and beyond. Magic is a way of life, a way of being your best and truest self. With this in mind, these fine Wands are created, blessed and presented to you for your consideration.

Magic Spells, Magical Mantras, and Chants will be posted to this page soon. Your new Wand will come with a small brochure of Spells. In the meantime, select a Wand, and learn as much as you can about Nature, so you will be ready to begin working effectively with your new Wand.

Look for more Abby Willowroot Spells in these books from Llewellyn, the "Witches Calendar", "Magical Almanac ", "Witches' Spell-a-Day Almanac", and the "Teen Witch Datebook .

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