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Pentacle Witch Wand

Pentacles and Pentagrams are ancient symbols of wisdom, perfection and power. The origins of these symbols extends far into the past, long before the C.E. Kore the Maiden Goddess and the Goddess of Grain Ceres were strongly associated with the symbol of the Pentacle. Today the Pentacle is known as the Witches Star.

The Pentacle Witch Wand weaves together symbols and signs that are a part of both the ancient and modern practice of the Craft. "Do as thou wilt and harm none" is the spirit of this Witchy Wand. Blessing and healing have always been hallmarks of the Witch and those who practice the Craft of the Wise. Channeling power responsibly is the energy of this Real Magic Wand. It was created with the deepest respect and understanding of the Three Fold Law. If you want a powerful Wand for ritual and personal use this Wand is perfect. If you are looking for a Wand to help you dominate or control other people or to curse, this Wand is not for you. The positive energy that created it permeates the entire Wand.

The Sphere at the top of the Pentacle Witch Wand pictured is Hematite, but the wand is also is available with a Crystal Clear Sphere, Atlantisite Sphere, Black Obsidian Sphere, or for the "Green Witch" with a green Aventurine Sphere. A Snake, symbol of sacred transformation is wound around the base of the Wand.

The Pentacle Witch Wand is 10 3/4 inches long and has detailed symbols all the way around the Wand. It is made in brilliant lead-free Pewter.

Power, Abundance, All Elements Energy, Alchemy and Manifesting

The Pentacle Witch Wand comes with a Wand Booklet with instructions for dedicating Your Wand, and a certificate of authenticity.


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