Making Your Own Magic Wand

Making your own Magic Wand is a very magickal thing, and an excellent way to connect with the magic inside you. Most witches and wizards work with several Wands, one for each different kind of spell. Some wizards and witches use a single Wand for all their magickal workings.

The first lesson of Magic is to learn to trust yourself, your spirit, your ideas and your hidden talents. If your intention is to make a Real Magic Wand, and you try your best, The Wand you make will be truly Magickal and Powerful.

To make a Magic Wand, begin by finding a branch whose shape and size attracts your attention. Many books tell you to ask a tree if you may cut a branch to make a Wand, but I do not suggest this. Leave the trees alone and see what branches they have already shed on the ground. Look on the ground for a fallen branch whose shape pleases you. Peel the bark off, or you can leave some of the bark on if you like.


Then make sure the branch is fairly dry, if it is not, leave it a few days until it is. Now, look at the branch, do you see anything in it? Any shapes, or images of animals, plants or people? Does that knot in the wood look like an eye? If you don't see anything that is fine, if you do see something, trace what you see with a light pencil line. Then you can either carve around the image you see, or paint it. For wands, you can use, acrylic or oil pint, or permanent magic markers. I usually rub the wood with a little mineral oil, or vegetable oil before I do anything to it, let it dry overnite so the oil really soaks into the wood. You can also use watercolors or inks to "stain" your wand with subtle color. If you use either of these, you will want to spray varnish on your wand, so the colors won't run later.

What you do next is only limited by your imagination. You can cut small "pits" into your wand and glue beads or stones in them. You can wrap copper wire or leather around your wand, or hammer tiny brass round head nails or tacks into your wand to form a pattern or word of power. To glue leather and beads you can use hot glue, epoxy, or Elmer's glue. Do not use "instant glue" because it stops working after a couple of months, and what you have glued will fall apart.


You can also cut out colors on paper or fabric that you like into small interesting shapes and glue them on your wand. The free color paint chips at hardware stores are perfect for this. You can get lots of gorgeous colors, and once you varnish over them, they are quite durable.

Adding Crystals is not hard, find a crystal you think feels magickal, and then glue it at the tip of your wand. If it doesn't really sit right, you can use "epoxy putty" from the hardware store to make a kind of setting for it, and them paint or cover the setting with leather, colored thread, or copper wire. If you are going to wrap copper or other wire around the crystal setting, start by sticking the end of the wire into the epoxy setting before it hardens, this makes it easier to keep the wire in place.

Now you are ready to do some final details decorating on your Wand. You can loop copper wire to make a place to hang charms and special talisman from your wand, you can add glitter, other paint colors, rhinestones, bits of moss, shells, leaves, or other natural materials.


I also like to add color with embroidery thread, it is very inexpensive and can be found at any fabric store. Ribbon, cord, or sewing trims are also good to add if you one that feels magic to you.

Remember, a Magic Wand is a metaphysical tool that unlocks and helps channel the magic in you. So if it feels Magic to you, that is important, the more magical it feels, the more effectively you will work with it.

I always "wax" my wood wands with Johnson Paste Wax, after I spray them with varnish (I use a matte varnish) to give a tough protective shield to the wood, but it isn't necessary.


Dedicating your Wand to make it a Magical Tool is easy, and can be done in many ways. One way is to sit in front of a lit candle and hold your Wand out, Saying

"By the power of the Elements I dedicate this Magic Wand to heal the Earth, to Channel my Power, to Harm None and Find Truth."

I dedicate this Magic Wand in name of the Wizards and Witches of Ancient Times."

"By the Power of All that is Good, All that is True, My Wand honors & amplifies the Magic in me and the Magic in you."

"So Mote it be!"

When you have finished, stand and draw a circle around you with your Wand, saying "I consecrate this circle as a Magickal space between worlds". Point your Wand to the north, south, east, and west, greeting the elements and the powers of Earth, Air, Fire and Water (in that order) asking that they Bless your Magical work.  Now that you have just created a sacred space, you can do spell work with your Magic Wand.  When you are finished, Thank the Elements for helping you and bid them farewell, and "open" (cut through the invisible circle with your Wand) the circle with your Wand, and cast a similar circle whenever you want to do magical work. 


Lots of websites and books have other Dedication Rituals, or you can make up your own.

 Happy Wand Making!     I know Your Magic Wand will be Wonderful!    
You are  magickal and don't ever forget it!

Magical Blessings,
Abby Willowroot.

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